Heidi Wagner is a professional photographer who is grateful everyday to have a career that allows her to be immersed in doing what she truly loves to do; this allows Heidi to look deeper, work harder, and really coax the essence out of each moment when she is shooting. Whether photographing portraits, animals or scenery from her travels around the world, Heidi brings passion and purpose to her work. To see more, please visit www.heidiwagnerphotography.com

Heidi's vision for the project evolved through her work in a community of elders wherein she realized that many of the people she encountered and came to know lead active, full lives, and that through photographing these older adults in the midst of actively living out their passions, she could share a very new view of aging. Through Heidi’s lens we have the opportunity to see aging as an exciting time filled with vitality and wellness, wherein each day ahead has purpose.